Replaced tank
Black powder-coated triple clamps 
New suspension spring + black powder-coated
Gunmetal powder-coated frame
Shaved off all the unnecessary hinges off the frame
New Carbs - new jet kit
Pod filter system
Matte black engine paint
Custom clip-ons bars
Custom Levers with (temporary reservoir until integrated into one)
Custom taillight mount
Custom license plate bracket
New smoked tail light with integrated turn signals
Custom bracket for headlight
Dual Hesa Fire headlight from Germany (with custom integrated wiring)
MotoGadget Mini Speedometer
Custom front turn signals
Custom front steering brush (to prevent denting the tank while turning)
New swing arm made fabricated with custom chain slider
Custom front chain sprocket
New rim 17 x 5.5 (stock is 17 x 4.5; one inch difference but next to regular Monster it’s a big difference)
170/60 RZ 17 Tire (Tire design similar to a 180 size)
Custom drilled patterns on rear brake plate
Custom level for seat (can’t tell a difference visually but only for my ergonomics on the bike) 
Custom bracket for mufflers
Custom bracing and bracket for battery and electrical housing
Custom wiring harness as well as tuck job to integrate and hide the harness
Converted front forks to dual disk brakes instead of a single system
Replaced horn from a 969 (smaller, louder, and flows well with the frame + location)
Custom choke wiring controls
Custom gear ratio tuning
Custom motor tuning
Chopped tail